Satisfied Customer

Unsolicited customer feedback: "I am pleased with the solution that has been provided to us. Through the last few months you and, your team have gone above and, beyond to create a system/process that allows us to provide a service to our customers that, others have been unable to do. Please tell all your team that,we THANK THEM, for their work."

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Satified Customer

Lightning Fast!

A customer signed on Friday and went live Monday.  Follow-up comment from customer Wednesday was - "We all like the system. Hole in one for you and your team!"  They switched to us from a competitor due to customer requirements not met by the competitor. Increase your barrels fast!

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Increase your barrels fast

Customer Service and Support

We provide varied levels of service based on individual clients' needs, but all of our clients enjoy our core 24/7/365 support.  We offer best-in-class customer service, and your employees will always speak directly with a live support technician.  Our goal is to solve your issues with a single phone call. 

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Best Support and Service for Crude Oil Trucking


Dispatch Crude has the most useful and beneficial features and functionality for running a tight and profitable crude oil trucking operation.  Going beyond crude oil electronic ticketing, the system offers many controls to avoid costly charge-backs through invoicing disputes.  Proof of delivery, excessive fees, and inaccurate miles are the 3 most common errors in settlement costing a trucking company its profitability.

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Electronic oil field ticketing features and benefits


Efficiency is key to any company's success.  With Dispatch Crude you can eliminate costly busy work and allow your team to focus on the things that really matter.  Our user-friendly system will help make your processes more efficient and streamlined.  It will also contribute to driver and customer retention, profit margin control, and general accountability.

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Benefits of electronic ticketing for oil field logistics


With our provided and managed Samsung Android mobile tablets, and Zebra mobile printers, we have a very small footprint in the truck.  Hardware maintenance is minimal and is the exception rather than the rule. We can work with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) customers, but we prefer to provide our complete hardware package for the best service and support possible.

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Electronic oil field ticket equipment

Congratulations!  You've reached the end of your search.  Give us a call today to demo the last crude oil ticketing system you'll ever need.

Dispatch Crude Oil Hauler Ticketing System


Drivers find Dispatch Crude to be the most user-friendly ticketing solution in the oil field by far. It has all of the flexibility they need, while keeping the user experience as simple as possible, and loaded with validation to prevent errors in data entry.


Dispatch Crude Electronic Tickets


Marketers (Purchasers/Shippers) are getting more and more involved with the dispatch process and needing completed ticket data on a daily basis.  Accounts reconciling tickets or barrel movement will find the reporting very helpful, and accountants processing freight payment will really like the settlement process.


Dispatch Crude Oil Hauler Ticketing System


The process begins with a truck request from a Lease Operator (a.k.a. Pumper). That truck request needs to go to the current marketer contracted for the production barrels, and then to that marketers carrier of choice.  Producers need to get completed ticket data back from the oil field as quickly as possible.



Enterprise Electronic Ticketing for Crude Oil Trucking

Another month has either come and gone or is nearing quickly. It is time to bill your customer. Are you ready? Are you going to get paid when you should, or are you going to have to deal with endless disputes and corrections as your customer continues to rebuff your invoice?  Are you stuck in a crude oil ticket reconciliation nightmare?

We are Dispatch Crude and we can help. Dispatch Crude is THE ONLY true Oilfield Centric e-Ticketing and Accounting cloud based software solution available.  We are 100% American designed and supported.  We are here for you 24/7/365 with live customer support to help you ANYTIME and EVERYTIME you are in need.  We are an American homegrown solution to your e-Ticketing and Accounting/Invoice Reconciliation needs.  Our development and support center can be proudly found in the American Heartland, Evansville, Indiana. That’s right, Indiana, NOT India.

We hear time and again from our customer’s customers.  “I wish more haulers would use Dispatch Crude.”  Why are YOUR customers wanting YOU to use Dispatch Crude?

Because we make their life easier!

Dispatch Crude has the most robust Price book system in the industry for managing rate sheets for settlement with both the shipper and 3rd party carriers and/or drivers.  There are many features for checks and balances, approval, settlement, reporting, custom invoicing, and just about anything else you may need to turn this process from many hours to a few minutes.  Never miss a load or double bill one with Dispatch Crude.

What about you?  How can Dispatch Crude make your life easier?

First, your Drivers.  Finding the lease sites in the oil field is as good as it gets with every possible option from GPS turn-by-turn directions, to stored driving directions for each lease, to individual dispatch notes for each load.  There’s no need to do math in the field because Dispatch Crude stores strapping tables on each tank and calculates GOV, GSV, and NSV for the driver and prints it on the tickets.

Second, your Dispatchers.  Dispatch Crude supports dispatch delegation to various dispatchers handling regions, as well as allowing 3rd party carriers to log in and assign loads to their own drivers.  Creating orders is organized to be user-friendly to the dispatchers, and also prevent errors.  Dispatched orders are synced to the driver tablet while completed orders come back to the server, for a real-time work cycle.  The dispatch board shows dispatchers the real-time status of loads.  Reports are also easy to run and customize as needed.  Dashboards show real-time positions on delivery allocations.

If you have been experiencing delays in payment and disputed invoicing from your customer, Dispatch Crude IS your solution.

We are looking forward to working with you on solutions to help you become better at what you do.  We can help!  There’s more.  Much more.  Schedule a demonstration and you won’t be disappointed.

Greater cost efficiency results in a larger profit margin and reduced waste.  This is more critical now than ever before, with margins getting tighter and rates going lower.  Additionally, everyone involved in crude oil logistics wants to get in on the real-time data offered by oil field electronic ticketing.  Dispatch Crude addresses these issues and more.  The system offers everything from ticketing, through Pricebook (rate sheets), and Settlement with both the customer and carriers (3rd party and/or company fleet drivers).

Our company is privately owned and operated and has no affiliation with any trucking company, so your data is safe and confidential with us.  All of our employees are U.S. citizens living and working in the midwest, and our data centers are located in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.  Our software is developed and maintained in the midwest as well.

Whether you are a small operator or a large fleet, our system will exceed your expectations for ticketing and settlement.  


Meet the needs and requirements of Marketers and Producers with Dispatch Crude...

Schedule your demo today!

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-- Maverick Taylor


We have gone to great lengths to establish strong relationships with our hardware partners for development and support purposes, and to give our customers the best-in-class experience they deserve.

Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing is a Samsung Business Partner
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing is a Samsung Business Partner
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing is a Verizon Enterprise Business Partner
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing is a Verizon Enterprise Business Partner
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing is a Zebra Technologies Partner
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing is a Zebra Technologies Partner
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing uses Android devices for field users
Dispatch Crude Electronic Ticketing uses Android devices for field users

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